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Meet the Neighbours

Islington is a vibrant community with a strong artistic heritage, so we’ve looked to its cultural characters past and present to inform this new local landmark.

  1. St Mary’s Church Gardens is a secluded oasis in an urban environment.

    Teresa Grimes
    Director at Tintype Gallery

  2. Gem Restaurant is one of my favourites. They do a very nice array of Turkish food and great meze.

    Roberta Cremoncini
    Director at Estorick Collection

  3. I just love the fact that anything and everything you see is a surprise. It’s not a museum, it’s an experience.

    Paul Roseby
    Director at National Youth Theatre

  4. If I fill my basket with three or four different loaves, I can get through them all in a day or two.

    Simon Harvey
    Vicar St Mary's Church

  5. It’s one of those shops that persuades you that you really need everything in it because it’s so beautifully designed.

    Shobana Jeyasingh

  6. Yipin China is a fabulous Chinese restaurant. They’re really friendly and the food is to-die-for.

    Naomi Schillinger
    Gardener & Writer

  7. They do great Ethiopian specials like doro wat, the famous chicken and onion dish.

    Anna Colquhoun
    Culinary Anthropologist & Writer

  8. Islington Green is the centre of Angel, this is where the community comes together.

    Christine Lovett
    Director at Angel.London

A Fascinating History

Islington has been home to influential artists for as long as anyone can remember, from Charles Dickens and Dame Gracie Fields, to George Orwell and Charlie Chaplin.

Mary Kingsley
English Explorer
13 Oct 1862 — 3 Jun 1900

Blue Plaque
22 Southwood Lane, London, N6